December 11, 2023
6 Best Apps to Select the Right Restaurants for Your Next Eat Out

Dining in a restaurant serves many purposes. It may be just a mean to taste new food that you do not usually cook at your home. But it can be an outdoor enjoyment, a date, and an outing with your family, besides others. With so many restaurants out there, it is often difficult to choose the right restaurant. You wouldn’t want to choose a bad restaurant and ruin your day. This fact gave the rise to the dining and restaurants apps. Now, there are many amazing apps that help you choose the right restaurant for your next visit. Here are some of the famous dining and restaurant apps.

Yelp (Android / iPhone)


Yelp is the most popular services for rating businesses including restaurants. Its large user base is its biggest strength. You can find many nearby restaurants with plenty of reviews.

Restaurant Nutrition (Android / iPhone)

Restaurant Nutrition by Foundation Healthcare Network features more than 250 restaurants and lets you browse 60,000 food items. You can see the rating of the dishes and post your comments about what you eat.

Foursquare (Android / iPhone)

Foursquare has gained much popularity in the recent years. It lets you track people whose tastes you trust, and follow their steps.

Zagat (Android / iPhone)

Zagat is a mature app that lets you see concise reviews of bars and restaurants. There are a number of filters that let you filter by rate, décor, and service. There is a list of expert-selected restaurants to guide you for any occasion.

Eat24 (Android / iPhone)


If you don’t feel like going out to a restaurant, Eat24 lets you see, select, and order food from more than 25,000 restaurants in more than 1500 cities. You can search for specific cuisines as well as particular dishes of your choice.

Urbanspoon (Android / iPhone)

Want to compare restaurants? Urbanspoon lets you compare by rating, cuisine, distance, and popularity. You can browse the menus and see the dishes. Feel free to reserve a table through this app.