7 Factors That Most Customers Consider While Choosing Restaurants 1

Diners are concerned with a number of factors while choosing a restaurant. Food is an obvious concern, but it is not the only one – and sometimes not the most important one either. National Restaurant Association has compiled a list of 7 factors the customers value the most.

Healthier Food


Health consciousness is increasing among diners, and they are looking for restaurants with healthier options on their menu. More than 80 percent of the restaurants agree that customers are looking for healthier options on the menu.

Environment-Friendly Dining

Around two-third of the diners say that they would prefer the restaurants that employ environment-friendly practices. So, people are thinking about the earth as well as the food on their plates.


People prefer technology options like self-service kiosks and smartphone apps while choosing a restaurant. According to the National Restaurant Association, the number of such people rose to 25 percent from 20 percent last year.

Quality and Innovation

Food quality has always been an important factor in choosing a restaurant. In addition to the quality, customers are looking for innovative foods that they cannot make at home.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Diners are increasingly preferring locally sourced ingredients like meat, vegetables, and seafood. Locally sourced ingredients offer better quality and are environment-friendly as well. This was one of the top factors in National Restaurant Association’s table service and limited service menu trends.

Ethnic Cuisine


Diners often head towards restaurants when they are looking for ethnic food. Customers are more likely to go to restaurant for ethnic food than trying to cook it at home.

Mobile Options

Mobile options like mobile food trucks are becoming popular. According to the National Restaurant Association, 47 percent people reported buying food from mobile food trucks as compared to 40 percent last year.

Different individuals value factors differently while choosing a restaurant. What factors do you value the most?