7 Dishes to Try When Visiting a Subcontinental Restaurant 1

Subcontinental food of India and Pakistan, commonly called Indian food, has a distinct taste. When introduced to subcontinental food, many people like it so much that they make it a part of their regular diet. Here are few dishes to try when visiting subcontinental restaurants.

  1. Butter Chicken or Chicken Makhni

Butter chicken is a very popular and tasty subcontinental dish. Chicken is marinated overnight in yogurt, a marvelous mix of spices, served with dollop of melting cream or butter.


  1. Banjari Gosht

This is an authentic Rajasthani dish made with a unique combination of spices, yogurt, and mutton.

  1. Baingan Bharta

This eggplant dish is a vegetarian’s delight. Eggplant is grilled over charcoal or fire and then the flesh is mashed. Traditional spices and other ingredients are added while cooking. This dish gives a marvelous smoky flavor.

  1. Hyderabadi Biryani

This is probably the spiciest rice dish you will ever eat. It is usually cooked with tender pieces of chicken or mutton, but you can make a vegetable biryani as well. There are many fans of this dish and anyone who tries it is at a risk of becoming one.

  1. Kababs

Subcontinental food is not complete without some variant of kababs. Minced meat of chicken, beef, or mutton is mixed into spices and other ingredients. It is then wrapped on seekhs, small iron sticks, to be cooked on charcoal.


  1. Sambhar and Idli

Sambhar is a vegetarian dish made with an assortment of vegetables. It can be eaten with traditional chapatti. However, it is often served with idli. Idli is made of rice and is 2-3 inch wide.

  1. Dahi Vada

Vada is made of fried flour. They are then soaked in thick yogurt for at least few hours. Dahi vada spice is added to give it its spicy flavor. They are often served with finely chopped salad, coriander or mint leaves.