5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Fast Food 1

Fast food is often demonized for a number of reasons. Doctors have always raised serious concerns about the negative effects of fast food. Animal rights activists and environmentalists are also increasingly expressing their concerns over the treatment of animals and the effects on the environment. Many people wonder, however, if fast food is really that bad. Here are some reasons why we happen to agree.


Bad Animal Conditions

Meat used in fast food, more than often, comes from factory farms that are notorious for bad animal conditions and animal cruelty. Bad animal conditions are not specific to fast food restaurants, however. But if you buy meat from the market, you have some degree of control, and you can choose to buy meat obtained from ethically raised animals.

Environment Deterioration

There is no doubt that increased consumption of meat and factory farming is the most harmful factor for the environment. Again, it is not confined to the fast food. But fast food does encourage higher meat consumption as well as factory farming.

Processing Everywhere

Each and everything used in the preparation of fast food is highly processed. From the bread to meat and even salads. They are treated with a number of chemicals to make them taste good, look beautiful, and preserve for longer periods of time. However, the effects of this kind of processing is almost always bad for your health.

High in Calories but Low in Nutrition

Highly processed ingredients result in low nutrition value of the food while an increase in caloric value. Even the healthy-looking ingredients, like lean meat and salads, turn into unhealthy ones when processed and treated with chemicals.

Food Safety

Many of the employees handling your food in fast food restaurants have neither proper training in food safety nor the inclination toward hygiene. Many of them have low salaries and low levels of job satisfaction. They do not care if they had touched something disgusting before touching your food.