Start Cooking Guide: How to Cook Your Own Delicious and Healthy Food

Cooking your own food is the greatest favor you can do to your health. Only by cooking your own food, you can know the quality of the ingredients used. And do not forget the joy you get when you eat the food cooked by your own hands. Here are some tips for people who are planning, or have just started, cooking their own food.


  • Have Confidence in Your Cooking

Most people assume that they are not, and probably cannot be, good cooks. As a matter of fact, most of them become good cooks when they try and start cooking. It is true that some people cook terrible. However, this is not due to the lack of an innate ability. If you believe that you can cook good, and try for it, you will surely be able to cook delicious and nutritious food.

  • Follow the Instructions Completely

If you are a new cook, you would, most probably, refer to cooking recipes and videos. It is a great way to learn – I can testify. A common mistake made by new cooks, however, is not following the instructions completely. For example, putting the ingredients in cold oil and then heating it seems quite same as putting the ingredients to already hot oil. However, it may make all the difference. Similarly, putting one ingredient before another one and putting both ingredients at once should not result in under cooked or over cooked food. But it most probably will.

It does not mean that you cannot experiment. However, when you are a new cook, follow the instructions completely. Once you understand a recipe, you can do all sorts of experiments.

  • Measure and Taste

An experienced cook may get away without measuring quantities of the ingredients. However, as a new cook, always measure the quantity of every ingredient, and taste if required. Keep proper scales and measuring units handy.