Top Benefits of Medjool Dates

The origin of the Medjool date is Morocco and cultivated in some other parts of the world also.

The benefits of the organic medjool dates make the food very healthy. In addition, being very valued in every kitchen for its great flavor, it’s a substitute of natural caramel fruits. Know about the advantages of the Medjool dates and why they are good to include this fruit in your daily menu.

Top Benefits of Medjool Dates

Fiber Source

Almost seven gram fibers in a 100 gram serving of date are a good cause to choose this fruit as a good fiber source.

Fiber can benefit our digestion by avoiding constipation. It improves bowel movements, helping to the creation of stools.

In one study, 21 consumed seven Medjool dates for for 21 days. They experienced good improvement in stool and had a considerable increase in bowel condition as compared to the period when they were not eating the dates.

In addition, fiber in the tombs may be helpful to control blood sugar as it slows down digestion and helps control blood sugar from rising too quickly after eating.

Antioxidant source

The date is also rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants protect cells from the harm of free radicals, unbalanced molecules that can give rise to damaging reaction in the body and cause disease.

The dried dates have more antioxidants than figs and prunes.

Is good for the brain

Laboratory studies have concluded that date consumption is good for reducing stirring signs, in brain. These are6 are linked with the possibility of neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, studies have revealed that Medjool date consumption is good to reduce the activities of beta-amyloid proteins that can form harmful bacterial plaque in the brain.

When bacterial plaque accumulates in brain, they can disrupt communication among cells that can lead to neuron death and Alzheimer’s disease.