Top 5 Fast Food Chains in America 2

Trends in fast food are changing rapidly, and traditional fast food restaurants are facing fierce competition from newcomers. Many people would argue that fast food is becoming less popular due to the criticism made by doctors, animal rights activists, and environmentalists. However, it is still a big industry – keeping up with customer expectations.

American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys. It surveyed more than 5000 people to know the satisfaction level regarding fast food restaurants. Here are the top 5 fast food chains in America, according to an ACSI survey.


  1. Chick-fil-A

Many would be surprised to see Chick-fil-A at the top. However, it has successfully created a perception of better quality food. Chick-fil-A focuses on specific items and offering good quality food.

  1. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Again, a relatively new name, Chipotle is the second best according to ACSI customer satisfaction survey. The company emphasizes on humanely raised meat and quality ingredients. This might be one reason Americans are opting to eat at Chipotle.

  1. Panera

This bakery-café fast food chain is a new entrant in ACSI survey. However, it was able to secure the third position in the most loved fast food surveys. Restaurants like Panera are marketing their food as healthy fast food choice eliminating many condemned ingredients like artificial flavors and glycerol ester of wood rosin.

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts’ rebranding has resulted in an increase in its ACSI rating. Dunkin’ Donuts has rebranded its restaurants as more than just donuts and is now competing with restaurants like Starbucks and McDonald’s on some fronts.

  1. Papa John’s

While Papa John’s ACSI rating fell a few points, it still remains the most loved fast food restaurant in its category. Due to the public demand for healthy food, Papa John’s is marketing its food as healthy by removing artificial and unhealthy ingredients.