The Truth About Energy Drinks: 4 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Them

Just go back a few decades back and ask the athletes about energy drinks. They may not have even heard about it. Nowadays, many people wonder whether energy drinks have any real advantage or they are a mere waste of money – even worse, harmful to their health.


The effectiveness of vitamins and mineral supplements is a matter of debate still. Many experts argue that you should take a balanced diet for all your vitamin and mineral needs. Our body does not tend to use vitamin and mineral supplements the way it uses vitamins and minerals in the natural diet. Supplements have shown effectiveness in only extreme deficiencies and some diseases.

Still not convinced? Read these 4 reasons why you should not use energy drinks.

Energy Drinks Contain Sugar

Most energy drinks contain sugar that counteracts the fat loss efforts of most people. Even if a sports drink does not use sugar, it uses alternative ways to make it taste good, and these alternative ways are not healthier than sugar. If hydration is your goal, this can be achieved by plain water.

Energy Drinks Contain Taurine

Taurine is an amino acid that regulates water and mineral salts and supports neurological development. However, experts do not recommend taking taurine in excess of 3 grams (3000 mg) per day. If you drink a lot of energy drinks, you will most probably cross this limit and put an unnecessary strain on your kidneys.

Energy Drinks Contain Caffeine

Energy drinks contain caffeine to make us alert. However, these excess quantities of caffeine have many side effects. They make you nervous, irritable, and interfere with your sleep.


Energy Drinks Can Cause Dehydration

Hydration is one reason most people take energy drinks. However, they can cause dehydration instead of hydration. states that the sugar and caffeine present in energy drinks can actually cause dehydration if taken during exercise. You need to drink extra water if you are having energy drinks.