Fine Dining Fare

Daniella’s Boards is a boutique restaurant that specializes in creating customized grazing boards using locally-sourced meats, cheeses and other gourmet snacks.

They offer a stress-free way to enjoy gourmet cuisine at home. As a Natural extension to her popular Charcuterie Board business, Daniella now provides full restaurant-quality meals with no reservations needed. Busy families and professionals can indulge in fine dining fare without the hassle.

Fine Dining Fare

Premium Prepared Meals

Each dish is expertly prepared by Daniella and her team of expert chefs. Customers pick from a rotating menu of global favorites. Fresh, local ingredients shine in recipes that are both healthy and satisfying. Gluten-free and vegetarian options available weekly.

Simply Heat and Eat

All items come ready to heat and serve with simple instructions. No fuss in the kitchen required. Deliveries are made in insulated bags to keep meals at perfect temperature. Items can be enjoyed family style or portioned individually for easy lunches and dinners.

Special Occasion Menus

Daniella caters larger events with full multi-course menus for celebrations like anniversaries and holidays. Souffles, roasts, and tiramisu are hand-crafted by Daniella for the most special of evenings. Coordination is seamless and cleanup is minimal.

Launch Updates

Daniella’s Boards launches on June 14th alongside the updated Charcuterie Board restaurant. New online ordering system goes live to easily select meal packages. Follow social media for launch specials and discount codes.

New customers can sign up to receive 25% off their first order and early access to preorder boards 24 hours before general public ordering opens.

Restaurant Experience

At the shop in Formby, customers can choose hot meals or grab-and-go breakfast and lunch items. Outdoor covered seating overlooks the gardens. Staff provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all daily diners.

No Reservations, No Reason to Cook

Busy families need not miss out on quality meals or new recipes thanks to Daniella’s Boards. Fine cuisine is now made simple through expertly prepared fare. Reserve the cooking for weekends and indulge in restaurant meals from the comfort of home.

Follow @daniellasboards on Instagram and TikTok for prelaunch specials. Discover how fine dining can be reservation free.