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Fit trainer and group of young people working out on mats

Personal training has been a major success for certain individuals and is definitely a profitable career. To be a personal trainer it takes self-discipline on your end along with people skills. If you decide to go into business for yourself you will also need to know how to develop a business and marketing plan or have the funds to hire consultants in these areas. The rewards of being a self-employed personal trainer can be both financial and personal. Seeing a positive change in people whether it be their weight or their overall confidence can be enough to make personal training or fat loss coaching a career worth pursuing. The major question to consider, that can make or break your ability to succeed is how you go about becoming a self-employed personal trainer. As with any other career or business plan, your dreams could come crashing down without proper planning.


Fitness Coaching is in Demand

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, personal training is expected to grow 10% faster than all other occupations from 2016 to 2026. This is due to government, corporations and health insurance companies realizing the cost benefits of good health. Obesity in America along with unhealthy dieting is a problem in America that affects millions. If you enjoy exercise and nutrition you could land yourself a job through a gym with ease. With a few years of learning the business and practicing in real life, you could have the knowledge and skill to start your own business.

Where Can You Go Wrong in Your Fitness Coaching Business

Where some people can go wrong with becoming a self-employed fitness coach is by deciding to quit their regular jobs too soon. When you get your first clients it is important to do your best so that you can develop a positive word of mouth or reputation about your business. When someone gets a few clients and decides to quit their main job or main source of income they run the risk of going into major debt, or in worse cases, homelessness. It is important to remain realistic about the time it will take to properly grow your business to the point where you can rely on your fitness coaching as a main source of income.

Another problem that can negatively impact your fitness coaching business is dedicating too much time to your initial clients, this can create client relationship problems and negative word of mouth about your business. When you develop your business plan you should know exactly how much time you will be able to dedicate to your clients to where you are running at a profitable rate.


Deciding on Your Career Choice

If can be difficult picking a career, that is not a lie. A phrase that is often thrown around and underutilized is “do something that you enjoy and you will never feel like you are working”. If you enjoy exercising, discussing health and helping others than you may not feel like you are ever truly working at all. It is important not to let the stress and anger that comes with owning a business get the best of you. Many can get so caught up in the schedule and the money that they lose sight of why they started their business in the first place. If you want to consider a career in fitness coaching, you would be picking a career that offers growth, financial stability and a job doing something you enjoy.