Due to its crisp textures, butter cookies easily are considered as crunchy cakes. Best known as brysslkex, sables, and Danish biscuits, this light-taste snack—at first—was simply a dish that often served for European nobility nor during big days, Christmas for example, in several European countries and North America.

Not like any other cakes, butter cookies are made from butter, wheat flour, and sugar. It excludes yeast and flavorings, pouring only the vanilla and chocolate tastes within. Usually presented in various shapes; circles, squares, boxes, round, oval, and flat.


Until now, as it’s greatly demanded by cookies lovers around the world, many brands are excited to bake more Danish butter cookies based on authentic recipes—that have passed down for generations—and high quality ingredients. Bringing us to one of the most famous Danish butter cookies brand today, Danisa.

Danisa is a premium range of luscious cookies, prepared with the highest attention to details that touches your taste buds to give you feel of the Royal Taste

For decades, Danisa has served the taste buds of consumers in over 60 countries, and is now a market leader in Asia. Danisa has been producing its world-renowned butter cookies which originated from the traditional treats enjoyed by the European nobility. Danisa butter cookies were created based on an authentic Danish recipe passed down through generations of master bakers.

Danisa is overseen by Danish Specialty Foods ApS that is registered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish Specialty Foods ApS tightly manages the production of Danisa which must strictly guard against the consistent requirements of an authentic Danish recipe. Nowadays, Danisa continues to delight consumers’ discerning palates globally and is regarded as a symbol of prestige, festivity and luxurious indulgence.

Our Timeless Butter Cookies Recipe Unparalleled craftsmanship and consistency has established Danisa butter cookies as one of the world’s most sought after treat. It begins with highly guarded yet timeless recipes, the finest quality ingredients, and the passion to perfection with high attention to detail. The Danisa butter cookies creation process starts with selecting butter and milk of the finest grade. Then every natural ingredient is carefully measured against strict standards. The richness and flavour of the dough is then thoroughly examined by our master bakers.

Once it has earned their seal of approval, the dough of its butter cookies go through several zones of oven to be transformed into the perfect golden brown, buttery, and crisp cookies. The result of this intricate and meticulous baking process can be tasted in the variety offered by Danisa butter cookies. Bite into a Harvest Moon, Butter Pretzel, Sugar Slice, Vanilla Ring, or Currant Crunch for a taste matched by no other.

1. Traditional Butter Cookies Created from the finest quality of butter, milk and all natural ingredients. The richness and flavor of this butter cookies make it a truly royal treat.

2. Choco Cashew Butter Cookies Combining the early goodness of cashew nuts with time-honored Royal Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies, we have created a treat that is both smooth and crunchy.

3. Currant Butter Cookies A tantalizing combination of traditional butter cookies with chosen fresh currant fruit, this Danisa butter cookies variant perfectly created to deliver a unique taste of sweet-tart flavor with a crisp and crunchy texture.

4. Choco Filled Butter Cookies Danisa Choco Filled Butter Cookies is made with grade of butter, milk and all natural ingredients expertly blended with rich chocolate filling that melts in your mouth, creating a velvety texture that pleases your palate.

5. Pineapple Filled Butter Cookies Danisa’s master bakers have travelled the world and selected the finest fruit to create an irresistible treat with a surprising tropical twist. Enjoy the smoothness of Danisa butter cookies combined with tangy pineapple filing for a pleasant melt-in-your mouth taste.

So, have you felt the Royal Taste yet?