5 Don’ts of Healthy Living Things You Should Throw Away Right Now 1

With so much information available at our fingertips, healthy living does not need to be difficult. Unfortunately, however, the public health statistics show that most people still do not have a healthy lifestyle – they are inviting diseases that they can avoid easily. Here are the five don’ts of healthy living that will make your lifestyle healthy without any expense or effort.



Many margarine companies market their products as healthy alternatives to butter and other natural fats. The experts do not seem to agree. National Institute of Health Analysis found that butter prolongs life as compared to margarine. Only include required amount of fat in your diet, and substitute margarine with healthy and natural alternatives.

Old Non-stick Pans

Some experts debate on the safety of non-stick pans. However, all agree that the older pans, especially prior to 2006, contain the harmful chemicals in their lining. Throw away any scratched or pre-2006 non-stick pans.

Canned Soup


A Harvard study found that canned soup increases the level of a harmful chemical BPA in urine by 1000 percent. BPA has been linked to diabetes and obesity in humans and reproductive problems in lab animals. Avoid canned food in general and canned soup in particular for a healthy living.

Old Toothbrush

Throw away your years old toothbrush with frayed bristles. Over time, old toothbrushes can harbor a lot of bacteria and become harmful for your health. It is recommended to air dry your toothbrush always and sterilize it with boiling water occasionally.

Fat Melting Belts

Fat melting belts are marketed as a way to look slim and healthy. While models happily attribute their slim waists to fat melting belts, it is not the case. Although they do not harm you, they give you a false hope and may refrain you from taking steps towards healthy living. Go to a gym for exercise or head towards a park for a walk. They have real health benefits for your mind and body.